Dr. Alissa, Counselor


Dr. Alissa is a trauma counselor and, like many others, a trauma survivor.

Beginning her career in community mental health, Dr. Alissa came face-to-face with often devastating and long-term effects of trauma on the lives of her clients. From that point on, she centered her career around healing the wounds left by trauma and made it the focus of her PhD.

Since the completion of her doctorate degree, Dr. Alissa went on to teach Master’s level students, supervise counselors gaining licensure, and speak at various conferences and events – all while maintaining her clinical counseling practice. 

Helping others to address trauma also helped Dr. Alissa to identify and heal from her own traumas, from being a donor conceived person to childhood abuse and ultimately an unexpected divorce, which led her to co-create Thanks, It’s the Trauma. Her experiences with trauma inform her ability to help others to deal with their own trauma experiences.

Dr. Alissa enjoys seeing stand-up comedy, practicing Krav Maga, and the occasional cosmopolitan.

Nikki, Survivor


Nikki is a Medical Assistant at an integrative family medical practice in the Nashville, TN area. She also holds a BFA in Graphic Design that she earned years prior. She is a survivor of suicide loss after losing her mother in 1999. She has spent the last five years volunteering her time to suicide prevention and other loss survivors. She serves on the Board of Directors with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s (AFSP) Tennessee Chapter, co-facilitates her local Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group, and now serves on the AFSP National Loss & Healing Council. She is trained in ASIST and safeTALK. Nikki has just begun her education to receive a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Nikki is a single mom to two teenage sons and two rescue dogs. After her divorce she found new healing while co-creating Thanks, It’s the Trauma. In her free time she enjoys music, hiking, reading, and margaritas. As a survivor of multiple traumas through her life she hopes to shed light, humor and compassion on the topics addressed on the podcast.

Heidi, Birth Worker


Heidi is a podcaster, author, certified birth doula, serial entrepreneur, a former pharmaceutical and medical device consultant, and has a huge passion for writing and storytelling. 

In addition to her career journeys, Heidi is a mom to two spiritedly adventurous boys aged 4 and 5. She finds joy in wearing flip flops, doing hot yoga, sipping chai lattes, playing soccer, traveling on mission trips, listening to and creating podcasts, and cycle classes. She is theatrical, funny, animated, and most full of joy when she is serving God and loving people. She spends most of her time in North Carolina and her vacation time in Montana.  

Heidi is no stranger to trauma and is a child of divorce. Her son had a stroke as she birthed him, birthing in her a passionate Cerebral Palsy mom-warrior. She was diagnosed with a rare adrenal tumor at 41 and she shares the same deep trauma experience of Nikki and Alissa and is a cohost on Thanks, It’s the Trauma.

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*Thanks, It’s the Trauma podcast is not a substitute for therapy or mental health advice. If you or someone you love is in crisis please call 1.800.273.TALK (8255). You can also text the word HOME to 741741 to reach a trained crisis counselor.